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Welcome to Florida Fresh Fish Co-op, where a diverse group of fishermen, dedicated to sustainable fishing, supplies the public with the highest-quality of all natural, wild-caught seafood.

Purchasing seafood from Florida Fresh Fish Co-op ensures the sustainability and preservation of fisheries across the United States. Much like farmers, our fishermen rely on the support of the public. Without all of these precious fisherman, we would be dependent on other countries for our food sources. 

Transparency is key when it comes to seafood, which is why we offer traceable fish at Florida Fresh Fish. Our traceability program allows you to track the journey of your fish from ocean to plate, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. With Florida Fresh Fish, you can trust that your seafood is not only delicious but also responsibly sourced.

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Your Premier Partner in Seafood

Discover a seafood experience like no other with Florida Fresh Fish Co-op. As industry specialists, we take pride in exclusively serving Florida's commercial fishermen and bringing you the freshest Atlantic fish with unparalleled efficiency.


Efficiency in Every Step


Our Commitment: Unparalleled Freshness, Quality, and Speed

At the heart of our service is a commitment to delivering an extraordinary seafood experience. We boldly claim that no one can provide fish fresher than us. From the boat to your table, we ensure each step is optimized for freshness, quality, and speed.


From Ocean to Plate: The Journey of Our Fresh Catch

Our streamlined process begins the moment the fish are caught. Skillfully sorted by size into iced boxes by our experienced fishermen, the journey from the boat to the consumer is swift and direct. By eliminating middlemen, stops, processing, or repackaging, we ensure that the quality of our fresh fish is preserved, and the time it takes for seafood to reach the market is significantly reduced.

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The One-Stop Approach: What Sets Us Apart

At Florida Fresh Fish Cooperative, we're not just a co-op company; we're your partners in culinary excellence. The ocean's bounty is brought to your doorstep through a process that prioritizes freshness, quality, and efficiency at every step.


Florida Fresh Fish in Action

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Florida Fresh Fish Co-op?

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Unrivaled Quality

Our dedication to quality goes beyond the ocean. From state-of-the-art packaging facilities to our commitment to sustainable practices, we ensure that every piece of fish we deliver meets the highest standards, and doesn’t sit on ice for weeks.


Efficiency Redefined

Experience the difference with our seamless process. By minimizing handling and maximizing speed, we redefine efficiency in seafood, ensuring that you receive the freshest catch with minimal delay.

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Local Advantage

As a company deeply rooted in Florida, we understand the local seafood landscape like no one else. Partnering with us means supporting local fishermen and enjoying seafood that reflects the richness of Florida's waters.



Visit Us

24 N. Causeway Drive Fort Pierce, Florida 34946


Call Us

📞 Phone: 855-FL-FISH-1


Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. Please send your resume and cover letter to

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